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Reflexology is a gentle, supporting, non-invasive complementary therapy that is used widely to support people who are living with cancer, who are undergoing various medical interventions and surgery. Many hospices and cancer units in hospitals offer reflexology as one of many complementary therapies to support a person on their journey with cancer.

The cancer journey can be both emotional and physically exhausting. Reflexology can offer some respite during this journey. The touch of reflexology alone can be therapeutic to patients Other benefits include symptom relief, emotional support, assistance with sleep and support for continuation of treatment.

The Beneficial effects of Reflexology for patients with cancer  include:

   Stress relief,


   Pain relief.

   Improved circulation.

   Improving the immune system.

   Balancing hormones.

   Clearing body of toxins and waste products.

   Encouraging your body to heal.

    Emotional support,

    Assistance with sleep.

   Support for continuation of treatment.